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September 2014
By: Ronald Schwarz, Executive Vice President and Chief Retail Officer

Smartphone Cyber Security Starts in the Palm of Your Hand

We love our mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets provide convenient access to email, social media and even our bank accounts. In the past, security concerns prevented many people from conducting financial transactions on mobile devices, but the tide appears to be turning. In 2013, the prevalence of mobile banking has increased to the point where 51% of smartphone owners have used mobile banking1. < ...

By Laura Ferraro, Senior Vice President

You probably remember the joy of buying your first home. There was the excitement of finding the perfect place, getting approved by a mortgage lender, and signing the stack of papers signifying that you were a homeowner. Since then, you likely have at least one or two more home closings under your belt.

Now that you are in retirement, you may be considering a possible change of residence, the purchase of a vacation home or building your dream workshop. Maybe you need help to cover the monthly expenses to stay in ...

By Laura Ferraro, Senior Vice President

When you buy a home with a loan from a financial institution, your mortgage lender will help you determine the right mortgage for your financial needs. This includes the down payment amount, the amount of the loan, the term, and the interest rate. The combination of these components will help determine the amount of your monthly mortgage payments.

There are several factors that go into the calculation of a mortgage payment. Mortgage payments most commonly consist of paying the principal, interest, taxes, and insura ...

By Robert Vandenbergh

Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily split the bill at dinner, pay your babysitter, or transfer money to a friend without having to reach for cash or write a check? It’s now possible with Lakeland Bank’s new online banking product.

The service is called Popmoney® and it’s a feature of Lakeland Bank’s Consumer Online Bill Pay system. Popmoney is an electronic payment service that allows users to send or receive money to or from any individual using an email address or a mobile phone number. The money is transferred from your ban ...

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